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Each issue of Viacom Media Networks' Consumer Insights newsletter highlights two pieces of research from across its diverse portfolio of brands.  Viacom puts an enormous amount of thought and energy into understanding its fans, and those consumer insights fuel creative inspiration and reinvention across the company.  



 VMN Consumer Insights NOVDEC.pdfViacom’s “Getting with the Program: TV’s Funnels, Paths and Hurdles”; VIMN’s “Knowing Youth: 2020 Vision”
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 201411/1/2014Yes
90% of respondents discover a show from an in-person recommendation, closely followed by TV promos and word of mouth online or via social media.
 VMN Consumer Insights SEPTOCT.pdfViacom’s “TV Here, There, (Not Quite) Everywhere”; MTV’s “Millennials Now”
Since they began using TV Everywhere apps and sites, 64% of respondents report watching more TV overall. This finding is even stronger among Millennials, with 72% watching more TV.
 VMN Consumer Insights JULYAUGUST.pdfViacom Music Group’s “Music Experience”; Nickelodeon's “The State of Kids and Gaming”
JULY/AUGUST 20147/1/2014Yes
83% of music fans say discovering new music is passive – it usually just finds them
 VMN Consumer Insights Newsletter MAYJUNE.pdfMTV’s “Look Different”; Comedy Central’s “Making the Millennial Brand Connection”
MAY/JUNE 20145/1/2014Yes
While 73% of Millennials think constructive conversation would reduce prejudice, only 20% say they are comfortable having such conversations
 VMN Consumer Insights Newsletter MarchApril 2014.pdfComedy Central’s “Outrageous & Contagious: Stand-up Comedy”; Viacom International Media Networks’ “Power of Laughter”
MARCH/APRIL 20143/1/2014Yes
8 in 10 Millennials say that stand-up is the purest and most authentic form of comedy today
 VMN Consumer Insights Newsletter JanFeb 2014.pdfSpike’s “Second Screeners: Extending Consumer Engagement”; Viacom International Media Networks’ “Kids of Today and Tomorrow”
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 20141/1/2014Yes
85% of young wave Millennials -- born between 2003 and 2008 -- agree “my age group has the potential to change the world for the better.”
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